Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short update

But a longer update to follow, I promise. With a belly picture, because I'm getting huge and I'm sure everyone is super interested in how far my belly sticks out now. (Pretty far)

Looking at our budget and stuff the other day I realized I won't be able to get living room furniture for a while, sad face. For some reason I was emotionally attached to the idea of replacing our stake center (truly, directly from a stake center) couch and chair with some nicer seating as soon as possible. Now it is looking like it will probably be my Christmas present at the earliest. I mean, I guess we could go out today and get stuff, but we want to pay cash because it's just better all around to not buy things you don't have the money for. Stupid responsibility. Anyways, I am now working on making our living room awesome despite the worst couch ever.

I am also getting started on projects for BabyGirl. I want her room to be great, and I want to make her a lot of stuff myself so she always has it. I'll post pictures of the watercolors once they are in a condition to post.

Wisconsin is still nice. People in our ward have been great, and I finally printed some pictures from our wedding to put up.

The name list is getting longer. We both started really looking at name websites and stuff, and the list has expanded. It is going to get smaller with time, I don't want to go into the hospital with a list that is too huge. Here are some ideas we have, feel free to make suggestions!

Ruby (Jordan's favorite, but I don't think this is her name)

There are definitely more, we have a list written down but I'm not sure where it is right now. Suggestions? Opinions? Any of these too easy for school kids to make fun of?


  1. I don't know why, but Daisy totally stuck out to me. I just feel like it fits you guys. But also, I know whatever you name her she will be adorable!!

  2. Tallulah and you guys could call her lulu. Adorbs! can't wait to see the baby bump!

  3. omg! u guys have so many fun names! I still remember the day we were all at Pizza Pie and u guys were talking about baby names (nt even pregnant yet
    ) and u both said u wanted a unique name because u both have fairly common names and SMITH is like the most common last name. I just remember jordan said NOT ESMERELDA... because it sounded like a stripper name! haha... I chuckeled to myself the day I found out u were having a girl in Hopes that it might be in the running! I adore Lucy or Ruby (must be a SMITH thing) Tallulah is very unique and i love the idea of a nickname lulu. I also Love the name Aurora. Very cool. Good Luck! Cant wait to meet her someday. Im sure with prayer and maybe even when u see her u will know! Love u guys.

  4. my name is aimée- it's french, very unique. pronounced ay-may. just thought i'd mention it, cause it sounds like some of the other names you've got up there :)