Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jordan and I went to Utah and it was great. We got to see his family, and then I stayed a couple extra days to see my family and some friends too. Also I bought a giant bottle of jdawgs sauce. For anyone in the Provo area that has never had a jdawg, go here and drool:

As soon as we got back to Madison, my mom flew in for a couple days which was a lot of fun. I got to do stuff with her that normally I wouldn't really have someone to do with-namely fabric stores, Jane Eyre, and drooling over baby girl clothes.

So here is an offspring update:

Babygirl is measuring well, and moving a ton. Also giving me heartburn all the time. Also she makes my legs sore sometimes. I am hungry all of the time now, but the past couple days I have also been feeling nauseous. Nothing like the first trimester, but I am still frustrated to have a (hopefully) temporary return of that less than desirable symptom. I had to get the sugars in my bloods tested by drinking that awful orange drink. It tasted like they took 100 unfrozen otter pops and poured them all into a cup. So the first sip wasn't that bad...but I had to drink much more than that.

With my mom here, I was able to discover that I was making the blanket I showed all of you previously wrong. I could tell, but I couldn't figure out what I was doing. My mom also helped me to get started on a new blanket. You can see an example of the pattern here:

I am using a really pretty light aqua and some magenta.

Also look at my friends blog:

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  1. I am in dire need of some baby bump updates! And photos of your house?! And Kevin wants to see this crib u talked about on Facebook. He said thats what we r gonna do when we have a baby... Someday. Love and Miss u both!