Monday, October 8, 2012

11 Months

Daisy is 11 months old now.


Her two front teeth are going to pop through pretty soon. Daisy will now walk while holding our hands, which is adorable and pretty amazing. She is learning to walk! My little baby!

Daisy is a climber. She will climb anything and everything.

Her new favorite food is mac and cheese. I found a super easy and quick recipe on pinterest, and while it isn't exactly gourmet, it gets the job done without having to get the fake orange stuff. All you do is boil the noodles in milk. and when the noodles are cooked add cheese. Thats it. Again, not gourmet, but good enough for a little kid/big baby/I am not used to referring to Daisy as anything other than my tiny baby.

It is definitely fall here. The colors are amazing, there are apples and pumpkins everywhere, and it is cold! We have had a great time taking family walks, and this weekend we have plenty of fall activities planned.