Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daisy Pie!

Daisy is four months old today!

I know. It seems incredible to me as well.

Daisy is just the best. She continues to be the happiest and calmest little girl in all the land.

Daisy loves:

Peek-a-boo with Dad

Pig wrasslin

Tummy time

Walks with Mom

Looking at everything-paintings, pictures, illustrations, and yes, tv

Bath time
Daisy is starting to get favorites. She has her favorite toys (her stuffed alligator and pig), a favorite blanket, and a favorite pacifier.

When she cries as she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, as soon as Jordan or I poke our heads over the bassinet or crib, she breaks into a huge grin and starts waving her arms and legs around. She just can't wait to play with us!

She is much better at taking naps, and we are starting to get on a much more predictable schedule. Her naps are still short-40 min to an hour, but I'm hoping that will change. She still wakes up twice during the night, but once every 3-4 hours is a lot better than every 2 hours, so I'll take it.

Daisy is starting to use her hands to grab things she wants. Sometimes its really cute-she will put her hand on my cheek, grab my shirt when she wants my attention, or hold onto my hands. Sometimes it's funny-she grabs toys right out of my hands and put them directly into her mouth, and tried to catch the water during bath time. Sometimes it hurts-my hair is now always up, and I'm considering cutting quite a bit of it off.

Daisy loves to babble, and I just love having "conversations" with her.

Daisy we love you! We love having you in our family!