Monday, April 30, 2012

D: D: D:


I just checked the google analytics for this blog, and it said that some people found it through the google search, using "barefoot and pregnant". I thought I would try it out to see how close to the top by blog was.

Big mistake.

First off, I guess there are a ton of other blogs with this title.

Second, most of them talked about the oppression of women...and while I am all for some equal respect between men and women...I am a very young stay at home mom that does all the cooking, cleaning, and irons my husbands shirts. Maybe not the voice of feminism those bloggers are looking for.

Third, and most unfortunate of all...

There is a ton of pregnancy themed porn out there. Thankfully I didn't use the google image search, so I only saw the link titles and short descriptions. But I saw enough to know that once you get past the 5th page of a google search, no good can be found.

In other news, I am determined to look good when we go to the beach this July, so I am really amping up my weight loss efforts. So far I'm trying no sugar, no white flour, and pretty much no carbs. It's hard to fit in workouts with a baby, but my goals are to go jogging at least three times a week (I'm trying for every day, but I am also starting to sleep train she is not the happiest of campers) and I am doing a Pilates video I found on netflix. The great thing about that, is I don't feel super awkward because no one can see me if I close the blinds. I've been to workout classes before and just feel like a big clumsy fool. This way, I get to exercise without feeling embarrassed about messing up the moves! My point in telling the internet this, is I need some help. What do you do to stay fit? How do you ignore those raging chocolate/ice cream/fried chicken cravings? What has worked for you? If you have kids, how do you fit in working out?

Thanks, internet. You're the best.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Daisy has reached some milestones lately. 

Daisy loves to sit up. Also spit up and drool, by the looks of her shirt.

Ever since we had our visit to North Carolina, Daisy has been very anxious to grow up. I really do believe that spending so much time with her cousin Liam, who is two months older than her, influenced her desire to move around. Before our visit, she hated tummy time and only rolled occasionally. Since we have returned, she has mastered rolling, tummy time, and recently started trying to sit up. She can now stay sitting up if we place her there, but can't get up on her own. 

We have started giving Daisy solids. She loves it. Her favorites so far have been mangoes and bananas. She tolerates sweet potatoes, and seems to enjoy other vegetables like squash, carrots, spinach, and peas. Until I replace my blender, we are using these organic foods. Once I get a new blender or a food processor, I will probably start making our own baby food-especially if our garden goes well.

Daisy had her first cold.
She kept pretty good spirits throughout the ordeal. This is a  picture of her enjoying the evenings we would have in the bathroom, hoping the steam would help with her congestion. Thankfully, we are finally on the tail end of her first illness. She still has a runny nose, and her sleeping isn't back to what I would like it to be, but what her sleeping ever really great? No. It wasn't. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up

So I meant to blog more this past month, but of course other things got in the way. We have had a busy month. Here are some things we have done (or stuff Daisy has done, because I basically only take pictures of her):

Daisy mastered use of her hands

Found her feet

Got a Bumbo

Made some pie

Enjoyed the freak warm weather down town

Daisy is now much more comfortable about tummy time, and has really mastered rolling

Said goodbye to Sam

Coordinated with cousin Liam

Went on walks with cousin Max and Uncle Kevin

Went down the slide with Uncle Thomas

Swings with Mom

Got cute new clothes from Grandma Day and Aunt Ashley

Was bored by the animatronic dinosaurs at the NC zoo

Made more pie

Celebrated cousin Max's 3rd birthday at the discovery museum

Confronted a turkey with cousin Max

Greeted by Jordan at the airport with beautiful flowers

Had a beautiful Easter dress made by Grandma Day

I got a lovely surprise from the Easter Bunny

It has been a really fun, eventful month. We went to North Carolina to see my brother Sam, off on his LDS mission to Brazil. Jordan could only stay for the weekend, but I was able to spend two weeks there with my family. My older sister was also visiting with her two boys, so the house was very full and very fun.

I love my little family! Life is pretty perfect right now.