Saturday, August 20, 2011


K I'm really sorry, but I'm going to complain some more. I'm typing this on the tiny keys if my itouch, because today my computer died. It would cost between $300-$700 to fix, and we decided not to fix it for the following reasons:

That is a lot of money that we need for the baby and other stuff

We have been planning on getting a new iMac around Christmas anyways

My Mac was five years old-pretty old for a computer

I'm still really sad though. I have an external hard drive, so I didn't lose anything important...but I loved my computer! I don't know that using my iPod to view reference photos for art projects will work as well.

Jordan's computer died when we moved, but he does have one for work. My dad has offered to send me a thinkpad that he currently doesn't need, and he will put Linux on it for me. I'm really grateful for that... It hasn't been a full day but I'm already starting to realize how dependent I am on having a computer.

I felt like such a spoiled brat, crying over losing my Mac, but I just cry over everything these days.

On my way home from the apple store I got myself some "I'm sad and pregnant" food. I should never go to the store when I'm hungry and hormonal, this is what I end up getting:

Mac & cheese
Ice cream
Double stuft Oreos
Funsize candy bars

I have hardly touched any of it, the emotions and craving passed...but this week is another business trip week, so now I'm at least stocked up.


  1. I cry when my electronics die and I'm not even pregnant.

  2. I love this!! Sorry about ur MAC :( Sad.