Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff I'm doing

I've known that I really needed a hair cut for a while. My last one was just before Christmas, and with all the pregnancy hormones and everything, the growth of my head hairs has been out of control. I realized the other day that I could tuck my hair into my (maternity) pants, and really unless you going to re-inact the birth of Venus, hair that long gets cumbersome. Since I didn't have any giant sea shells around, and I have to wait until November for my very own cherub, I decided to take action. I have no idea the good places to get your hair cut in Wisconsin. Also I would rather spend $50 on furniture right now than a haircut. So I cut my own hairs today. I've done it before, but it has been a couple years. I tried taking a picture, but I am all comfy cozy in an arm chair by the window crocheting baby blankets, so the only view my computers camera could get was 100% pregnancy bosom, which is uncomfortably ample. And an uncomfortable picture for me to post in the internet. At least this isn't twitter.

Anyways, here is a picture of the blanket I'm making:

This isn't the actual blanket, its just the pattern that inspired the blanket. Those sea pennies are super small in that picture, about 1" in diameter. I am making mine to be about 3" in diameter. I really like the look of the small little circles, but the way it is in that picture was just a little too small for me. The blanket I am currently making is white, for the baby blessing. I want to make another one when I find out the gender. If it's a boy, I'll probably use colors very close to the yarn in that picture. I love the different blues, and touch of sea foam green. If it is a girl I will probably do some corals and whites, maybe some grey. TRENDY.

On the subject of Dr. appointments, its been really frustrating. I made one last week, and it is for next week. When I called the office, I had to wait to talk to the OB nurse. She called me back THE NEXT DAY. (I know I am being dramatic, but I am carrying a human in my tummy. I need to know if I can name this human Taylor Swift or Kanye West. Jk. Kind of). The OB nurse called me back, and set up an appointment...but as mentioned previously she set it up for two weeks from that point. I am one week down, one more to go. I then asked her if I would be able to have an ultra sound at that appointment, and she said "Oh we will talk about it at your appointment". Sad face. I guess there is a chance they will do an ultra sound at the appointment next week, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

There is also the slight issue of I will not be able to contain the information once I do find out, but my appointment is during Jordan's work hours. He has forbade me from telling him via text or phone call...and I have to tell him first because that would be weird to tell someone else before him. What am I going to do for the FOUR HOURS that I will know, and not be able to tell anyone?!

Probably just go shopping and buy baby stuff. Let's be honest.


  1. Love this!! I hope since Im related to the future Ms Taylor Swift or Mr Kayne West I get to know what it is!! I am so excited for u. That blanket looks sooooo cute!

  2. you should suprise him at work! so many crazy ideas are popping into my head right now

  3. Can't wait to see that blanket! Please name the baby Ron Weasley if it is a boy.