Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jordan Man Steak Beef Cake-a post I started last night and didn't finish

Jordan is a great husband. Here are a few reasons:

He is out getting me a pizza as we speak because I HAD TO HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW. Pregnancy cravings usually don't hit me that hard-generally I can control them. Not tonight. So what does he do? He gets on his iphone, orders a pizza, and just left to go get it. Thankfully in these troubled economic times, like every pizza place is having deals.

Jordan didn't get after me for the mess I made in the kitchen when I was trying to satisfy cravings. Like I mentioned earlier, typically cravings don't really drive me crazy but for some reason today has just been a huge "I NEED TO EAT THIS SPECIFIC THING RIGHT NOW" fest. I ate all our vegetables for lunch, for example. Then I searched the interwebs for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I found one that claimed to be awesome. It made a TON of dough, and the cookies came out all flat and melted and gross. I know some people like them crispy like that, but not me. So I added more flour, poured the rest into a 9x13 to see if cookie bars would work. Then I took them out too soon because I wanted them to be really gooey. Jordan took one look, turned on the oven, and told me that they had to bake until he came back with the pizza. Good call, Jordan. Now we have edible cookie bars.

Jordan gives me foot rubs, and rubs my shoulder whenever I ask. I have been having a hard time sleeping comfortably lately, and it just gets worse each week as I get bigger (it doesn't help that we are currently sleeping on an air mattress, waiting for the first paycheck to buy a real mattress). I wake up sore every morning, especially on my left side. Jordan always listens to me complain about it, and then when he gets home from work he does whatever he can to make me feel better.

Jordan loves the dinners I make for him, even if sometimes they sound weird. Like bulgar (a grain-when cooked kind of like couscous). He ate that bulgar up. I've been trying to be sure to make really healthy meals for all two and a half of us, and he always tells me how delicious they are. (Thank you, Martha Stewart Every Day Foods).

Jordan works all day and doesn't complain when I show him all the plans I have for his hard earned money.

There are a ton of other reason, but those were the ones that immediately came to mind. Jordan is awesome and our anniversary is on Saturday!

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  1. I had bulgar for the first time this summer as well, Jordan is good to you, and I miss you a little bit. Just, you know, a casual bit.