Monday, October 31, 2011

Packed bags

I'm starting to get nervous.

Before now, I knew I wasn't going into labor anytime soon because I couldn't go into labor while Jordan was on his business trip. He got home Thursday night, and since then I've been using other things I've been putting off to mentally delay the thought of going into labor. Here are some examples"

I can't go into labor until I have the apartment really really clean.

I can't go into labor until I have my bag packed.

I can't go into labor until we unpack and set up the car seat, stroller, and bassinet.

I can't go into labor until I finish all the headbands and clips for the craft fair.

Well...Jordan started to notice I was putting some of this off. So unfortunately for my sanity, the apartment is nearly spotless (just bathrooms left), the baby gear is out of the boxes and set up, my bag is packed, and I am nearly done with all the hair clips.

I know last post I was all "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME", but now that it is getting closer, it's starting me make me really nervous. Really, I know I still have two weeks. My due date is six days away, but it is pretty likely that I'll be late. My doctor will induce me after going a week or so over...but that doesn't stop me from obsessing over every braxton hicks contraction, or thinking to myself every morning: "Is this the day?"

It's okay though. We have a ton of ice cream in the freezer now. So. That makes me feel better.

It also makes me feel better knowing that we have so many people around us that care and want to help out. Our families have been sending us stuff non stop, and have been calling me almost every day to see how I'm doing. A friend in my ward threw me a surprise baby shower (I thought I was going to be babysitting her baby, so I showed up in stretchy pants and one of Jordan's shirts-wear what fits, right?-still embarrassing), which was such a nice surprise. I feel like I've made some real nice friends here.

Anyways, I'm starting to get real nervous about labor, but it's okay. I know it will be just fine, and our baby will come out all normal and healthy and stuff. One of the things I am the most excited for is to see Jordan hold her for the first time. This is going to be really sappy, so I'm sorry...but it just melts my heart anytime he talks about her, and I can't wait to see him be a dad. He is going to be so great.

We have been having a real nice fall-apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, donuts, costumes, etc. We don't take any pictures ever. We need to get better about this when our baby comes.

I'll keep everyone posted, I promise.


  1. AHHHH!!!! I cannot wait! I am so excited for you! Oh Jessica, you are going to be the best mom ever!!! Can't wait for pictures! and to find out her name... please be hermoine! :)

  2. Oh my Oh my its soo soon! I am so excited! I better be on the text list when that little angel comes out for the name announcement and a photo! Oh Jess I am so excited for you and Jordan! Ps. I told Kevin we are making a trip to WI sooner than later.. he agreed but said after the cold weather. Haha. Love you so much!