Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fighting Pickles

So the elevator in our building smells EXACTLY like the elevator in the dorm I lived in at art school.

I was just looking at some pictures from back then, watching my giant baby belly move, and thought to myself: "Wow. Aren't things different now?" It's been so long (5 years? 6 years?) that I don't really think about it that often...that is until I finally made the connection between the elevator smells. Weird sentence, I know, but it was only last week that I realized where I knew that smell from, and felt like I was right back on the third floor.

I definitely miss parts of it. I miss working long hours with really talented people. I miss being able to focus all my time on art stuff. I miss the novelty of living away from home for the first time. I miss the friends I made.

Our lives are all so different now, and even though I occasionally indulge in daydreams of me living lives like them-living in a big city, working as an artist...I'm happy with the choices I made. I'm glad I left art school for BYU, glad I got married, and real glad to be expecting a baby. I still paint. Not as often as I would like, but I still do. I hope I always will.

Jordan is really supportive of me making art. He never wants that part of me to become less of a priority. What a gem.

Anyways, tomorrow is my due date. Tomorrow owes me a baby.

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