Monday, October 10, 2011

Fulfilling promises

So I thought we would have Babygirls room done by now, but it isn't. It's close though! So here are some in progress pictures:

Here is the crib. In front of it is a sheep skin rug my Dad got while he was on his mission in New Zealand.

This is a shot of the bedding. The crib skirt and sheet are from sheets found at a thrift store (and washed real well, don't worry). unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the yellow floral material to make a ruffled crib skirt so it is just boring straight panels. The outside of the bumper is from fabric I got at Joanns (but don't worry! I used a coupon!) and the inside is fabric my Mom sent me.

That cute elephant was given to us by my Aunt Jennifer. Isn't it awesome?

These are going to be hung over the crib. Jordan picked out the lanterns-they light up! He was pretty cute when he found them. I love how excited he is about this little girl.

A cool mirror I found at a thrift store and repainted. Also a small piece of the curtains-the color isn't the best in the picture of the curtains, they are greener than they seem.

I have two pieces of this fabric, and I love it so much I can't bear to cut into it. So I am going to use a spray adhesive and stick it onto two small canvases to hang on the wall. I love it when my Mom sends me her left over fabric!

K, ignore the obvious need for another coat of yellow paint. I just wanted to show you this great lamp. Another thrift store find, and I recovered the shade with fabric from an old dress that needed too many modesty modifications to make it worth it. I have more of that material, and I will probably make something cute for Babygirl (once I get better at sewing. It's happening!)

Not my favorite chair, but it is going to be great for nursing. It is real comfy, and it was super on sale.

Side table we are repainting to have next to the glider. The recovered lamp will go there.

Not pictured are some more stuff for the walls-I can't paint the walls, so I want to have plenty of stuff up to make the room more exciting than it is. I have some cool old platters, some more fabric to affix to canvases, and a couple watercolors of giraffes and hot air balloons and stuff. I also want to get/make some letters and put her name on the wall. Won't be doing that until after she is born, because although we are 98% certain about her name, we aren't telling just in case we decide we need to change it. It's pretty dang cute though.

Here are some pictures of the headbands I am making for the craft fair with my Mom, and for mah baybee.

These take forever, but I really love them. They are going on headbands like this:

These are all on alligator clips, but I am making more that will go onto elastic.

Specifically this elastic, which I just got off etsy. It was incredibly cheap, which I am always real happy about.

I love this one.

I need to make more of these.

Aaaaannndd a belleh shot.

This is 36 weeks 1 day. That's right. Her due date is in 27 days. We are anticipating she will be late, but still. 27 days!

She is more than welcome to come anytime (save for Jordan's business trips). I am super uncomfortable and ready to get her off my spine :)


  1. You look amazing!!! And cute projects... you're doing better than me. I have a crib! And it has a white sheet. I'm too lazy after working on my feet all day, so I'm thinking maybe once she comes I'll crack down--that or her room will be done by her 5th birthday. Whatever works right ;)

  2. yay!! i am in pure COUSIN bliss right now. Everything looks so amazing and you are doing such a great job preparing for baby girl! You have some awesome find in there that you are making your own!! I am so excited for u. and that Belly SHOT!! YAY. I love it. FINALLY. You look beautiful mamma!! Thanks for the post and pictures! I needed this today!! Love you!!!

  3. Um. So how bout this. I get a job in Madison and just take care of the baby all the time and admire your amazing decorating senses and strategies.

    Deal? DEAL.