Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third Trimester is the Worst

So lately I have had this awful pain in my left leg, along the inside joint area. It makes the simplest things really painful-putting on pants, getting into the car, getting out of bed, switching sleeping positions...basically any time I move my left leg. Once I start walking, the pain calms down, but getting started is more painful than it should be. So I talked to the Dr. about it today, and this is what is going on-normally during this late stage of pregnancy, my body sends out hormones or chemicals or whatever that cause the ligaments around my pelvis and pubic bone to relax and loosen, preparing for delivery. Mine went overboard, and now my pubic bone is all misaligned and that is what is causing me really annoying pain. The best part? There is nothing that can be done. It will fix itself after I give birth (thank goodness) but until then, I just have to deal with it. Maybe by itself it would be fine, but add on the back pain, and leg cramps, and thank you. All I can do is slow down, take it easy, and take frequent rests. Good thing we have netflix.

Ugh, k I had this big long post written but it turns out I published it to a different blog that I technically contribute to, but never actually contribute to. The above paragraph was all I was able to save-which is a shame because it is definitely the grumpiest. Here are the main points I lost:

-My mom is great at quilting and doing a craft fair, and wants me to send her some headbands to sell at her booth. So I'm making a ton. Pictures to come.

-I'm glad I never had the money to spend on stuff we don't need: read this article

-I'll have pictures of the baby's room soon.

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  1. I bet a chiropractor could help with your back and/ leg pain; though it is true that because everything is so loose, it may not help much, or for long; but then again if you have GHC insurance then I'm pretty sure chiropractors are free, so what's there to lose? (I ended up going to a chiropractor when I was pregnant with Elizabeth because my back, etc. gives me lots of trouble; I can't really remember if it helped or made it worse though :l ).

    Yay, that's exciting about you mom and the headbands =D

    I LOVE pictures! I'll be waiting ;)