Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting Ready

So I've started making headbands for Babygirl.

I am going to experiment a little bit with these. On the back I have sewn a little snap button. My plan is to make some elastic headbands, and sew the other side of the little snap button onto the elastic headband. That way, you can change the flower or bow on any given elastic band-I decided to try this because I wanted to make some headbands in fun colors, but didn't want to have to make a million. This way, I make one band in each color I choose, and then I can pick whatever flower or bow to snap on. My worry is that some of the larger flowers might be floppy when snapped on. We will see. If that is the case, I'll just give the larger flowers their own band.

We have also started to work on getting clothes for Babygirl. I would love to buy everything at baby gap, but unfortunately that is just not an option. So I have been stalking craigslist, and found a ton of ladies that are selling their barely used baby girl clothes for incredibly cheap. I have spent maybe $35 so far and have bags of clothes. This way I can get a couple awesome things from baby gap, and all the sleepers and day clothes for super cheap.

This week's project will be sewing the crib bedding and curtains. About two months ago I got some great old sheets at a thrift store. I'm going to make the crib skirt out of that, and I got some really cute flannel for the sheet. I'm using my old duvet cover from college to make the curtains. I really like the material, and I am excited to be able to reuse as much as I can.

I don't know if I will get around to this, but I have found some online tutorials for little dresses. I'm not too confident about my garment sewing if I never mention sewing clothes for Babygirl agian, assume that it did not go well. if it works out, of course I'll post pictures.

Jordan leaves for another trip this Tuesday. Don't worry, I've calmed down about his travelling a ton since his first trip. In fact, the second trip passed by so fast I hardly had time to notice it. K, exaggeration, but whatever. I get a ton done when he is on a business trip. I think it has something to do with me not doing any cooking or laundry.

Anyways, just wanted to share some of the stuff I'm making for Babygirl. My mom is awesome and sent me a ton of great fabric, so I will probably be making some bows out of some of that. Also my sister is in labor with her second boy as we speak, and I got some great houndstooth flanel for some bowties for her boys. I'll probably make something scholarly for Babygirl with the extra material.

Glue gun is still on. K bye.


  1. Ooo, all these projects sound so cute. I want you to make little dresses. Also, Craig's list - smart.

  2. You are a Genious! I love all of your ideas! I am just starting to get into the crafty DIY stuff and u truly inspire me!! Please post pictures soon or send me a private message/picture of how you do it!! The curtains sound awesome (I need to do this for our room and the guest bedroom) and your headbands are seriously the cutest thing ever! Why do u have to live so far away :( I would come keep you company when Jordan was gone and we could make all these fun things together! Miss u guys! Love this entry!