Monday, April 30, 2012

D: D: D:


I just checked the google analytics for this blog, and it said that some people found it through the google search, using "barefoot and pregnant". I thought I would try it out to see how close to the top by blog was.

Big mistake.

First off, I guess there are a ton of other blogs with this title.

Second, most of them talked about the oppression of women...and while I am all for some equal respect between men and women...I am a very young stay at home mom that does all the cooking, cleaning, and irons my husbands shirts. Maybe not the voice of feminism those bloggers are looking for.

Third, and most unfortunate of all...

There is a ton of pregnancy themed porn out there. Thankfully I didn't use the google image search, so I only saw the link titles and short descriptions. But I saw enough to know that once you get past the 5th page of a google search, no good can be found.

In other news, I am determined to look good when we go to the beach this July, so I am really amping up my weight loss efforts. So far I'm trying no sugar, no white flour, and pretty much no carbs. It's hard to fit in workouts with a baby, but my goals are to go jogging at least three times a week (I'm trying for every day, but I am also starting to sleep train she is not the happiest of campers) and I am doing a Pilates video I found on netflix. The great thing about that, is I don't feel super awkward because no one can see me if I close the blinds. I've been to workout classes before and just feel like a big clumsy fool. This way, I get to exercise without feeling embarrassed about messing up the moves! My point in telling the internet this, is I need some help. What do you do to stay fit? How do you ignore those raging chocolate/ice cream/fried chicken cravings? What has worked for you? If you have kids, how do you fit in working out?

Thanks, internet. You're the best.


  1. Zoey sleeps at night, and usually takes at least one nap... so as soon as she's down I workout.

    As far as avoiding unhealthy food. I don't buy it or keep any in the house, and I'm lazy enough I usually won't drive to get it when the urge kicks in, and cary has to be distracting zoey for me to bake something unhealthy, so he has to be on my side and stop me. What doesn't help is when my family gives me a little bit of something. Sadly, I'm rarely one of those people who can have a few bites and walk away... a few bites usually destroy me and I've then finished a whole carton of ice cream. Anyhow, this is all to say-it's hard, but I tell myself every day "my baby deserves a healthy happy mom" and "3 months from now when I look smoking hot at the pool, I'm gonna be glad I started today." (we'll see if there's any truth to that, but the mantra helps)

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    1. Oh, and now as a mommy, I take walks. I could easily meet you at Mckee & the ice age trail if you wanted to go on a walk sometime in the day.
      & p.s. you can also make your blog un-searchable via search engines.. or make it private (invite only) if you're worried about who's finding/reading it.

  3. Girllll I have some feelings about this, here we go:

    1. Feminism is about making your own choices and having the ability to make your own choices. You are exerting your own power in your life by choosing to be a young stay-at-home-mom, etc., because it is what you want to do and what makes you happy: FEMINISM AT ITS FINEST. So eff those other blogs, be proud! You should be; you're amazing! :) Besides which isn't your blog title meant to be sort of an ironic reappropriation of the whole degrading "barefoot and pregnant" concept? THERE IS HARDCORE FEMINIST THEORY IN YOUR VERY TITLE.

    2. If there is anything, be it concept, location, noun, adjective, there is porn of it, so don't even worry about that. Finding a title completely unrelated to anything porny at all ever is a sisyphean endeavor at best.

    3. So but also you're freakishly beautiful, always, but as far as weight loss goes--portion control and exercise. And the exercise is more for endorphins so you don't stress-eat. I promise you I've lost like thirty pounds like that before. What is most important is not freaking out. Think about feeling good and being healthy. Try not to eat sugar and fat only because it makes you feel like crap, not because it's like a "bad food" or whatever. Like with everything else, the secret is "don't be weird." Eat normally, allow yourself some slipups, try to get moving every day.

    3b. It took me a while to come round to this but those exercise classes are there FOR YOU even if you do every single move wrong. Nobody's looking at you; they're all too busy worried about themselves. You deserve to get the benefit of those classes just as much as the most graceful ballerinas or whatever in the world. Besides which, you're so clever you'll figure it all out after like one class.

    Sorry this got yell-y. I just have a lot of passionate feelings about feminism and also you. You're lovely and I miss you.

  4. As far as the sleep goes I can completely understand where you are coming from. Lily only started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago (at 13 months). We tried so many times to sleep train and it would work for a bit and then a cold or something would come along and it would all get messed up. The cry it out method worked for us. My mom suggested to me when I was having trouble with this at first: try it for naps first. I don't have a schedule with Lily and put her down when she starts acting tired. So when she is acting tired during the day I would put her down. The first few days were the hardest but she went down eventually and now there is no way she will rock to sleep for her naps. She still whines herself to sleep a lot of the time but I know and she knows she needs to sleep. We started bedtime after she got the hang of naps. It worked for us and maybe it will work for you too.

    You probably won't lose your cuddle time with her. Since Lily started to put herself to sleep she is much more cuddly during the day.

  5. I know I'm late on this but... I've started roasting veggies lately (lots of cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, radishes, sweet potato slices, etc.) and I LOVE THEM. Seriously, they are so delish and filling. I often will eat a bowl of the roasted veggies as a meal and be totally satisfied. I haven't really noticed any weight loss, but I think that is because I've been gaining some muscle and still eating burgers and ice cream as my other meals :) Anyways, doing that paired with going to the gym about 4 times a week has made me feel much healthier. Also, I read that your stomach is naturally the size of your fist, so to eat about that much every few hours (which is what my body likes anyways) and it helps stave off overeating. So if you'd like any amazing roasted veggie recipes, let me know. And in the meantime you should check out she has lots of great vegetable ideas.