Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up

So I meant to blog more this past month, but of course other things got in the way. We have had a busy month. Here are some things we have done (or stuff Daisy has done, because I basically only take pictures of her):

Daisy mastered use of her hands

Found her feet

Got a Bumbo

Made some pie

Enjoyed the freak warm weather down town

Daisy is now much more comfortable about tummy time, and has really mastered rolling

Said goodbye to Sam

Coordinated with cousin Liam

Went on walks with cousin Max and Uncle Kevin

Went down the slide with Uncle Thomas

Swings with Mom

Got cute new clothes from Grandma Day and Aunt Ashley

Was bored by the animatronic dinosaurs at the NC zoo

Made more pie

Celebrated cousin Max's 3rd birthday at the discovery museum

Confronted a turkey with cousin Max

Greeted by Jordan at the airport with beautiful flowers

Had a beautiful Easter dress made by Grandma Day

I got a lovely surprise from the Easter Bunny

It has been a really fun, eventful month. We went to North Carolina to see my brother Sam, off on his LDS mission to Brazil. Jordan could only stay for the weekend, but I was able to spend two weeks there with my family. My older sister was also visiting with her two boys, so the house was very full and very fun.

I love my little family! Life is pretty perfect right now.


  1. I love the pictures of liam and daisy, how fun that they are so close in age! She sure is cute.

    And holy cow, that picture of thomas makes his legs look forever long... how tall is he?

  2. I don't even know how tall he is-6'2" I think? He has been so much taller than me for so long it's hard to keep track. Kevin is taller than me now too. I will forever be dwarfed by my brothers. :)