Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Know, I'm Sorry

Listen. Guys.

I know you've all been so so sad that I haven't blogged in a long while. You must be at home, wondering if Daisy has gotten any cuter, if I've made anything cute or delicious, and if we have gone on any adventures.

Let me set your minds at ease.


K, here is what we have been up to.

California again
Cruising (walking while holding on to furniture)
Two teeth
Significantly easier bedtimes and longer nap times
Garden bounty
Homemade salsa and watermelon ice cream
Preparations for the craft fair NEXT WEEK
Breaking even celebration-she has been out longer than in!

On Tuesday Daisy and I will fly to North Carolina to participate in the booth my Mom, sisters and I have in the Cary Lazy Daze art and craft fair. We have made a million things, including but not limited to: quilts, headbands for you and baby, baby shoes, purses, bibs, pacifier leashes, banners, etc. I am really excited about this trip, I think it will be a lot of fun to sell stuff with my mom, hang out with the family, and spend some time in the state I love. If you are in NC it's Saturday, August 25th, in downtown Cary. Come see us!

Daisy is babbling even more now, and even started to wave at me. She dances to music, and gives kisses. She is as sweet as ever, and has so much love for her mama and papa. We love her to pieces.


(This was just an ER visit, don't worry)


  1. cute! I love it! I need to update my blog as well! I miss you, it is good to see you are doing so well! Love you girl!

  2. Finally... Geez, lol... its not like ur busy or anything! How fun about the craft fair with your mom and sister! So cool.
    Daisy is the CUTEST thing ever. I love her.
    I wish WI wasnt so far away so we could hang out during the day and do fun things! Homemade salsa sounds amazing.
    Miss u all.
    PS. Jess you are looking SO SO good these days!

  3. Sweet! I will see you next saturday, I love Lazy Days