Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poop and other things

So every now and then I check this blog that chronicles inappropriate facebook posts parents make about their babies. I do that partly because it's hilarious, and partly because I fear I might make it on there someday.

One of the things that you aren't supposed to talk about on facebook is poop. I get that. It's gross. But guess what? This is my blog, and this poop story is hilarious. Don't worry though-I won't post the pictures :)

So Jordan, Daisy and I went to my parents house for Christmas. I was in the kitchen making caramel, and Jordan was in the guest room changing Daisy's diaper. All of a sudden, I hear Jordan frantically yelling my name. I run into the room, thinking that something has gone terribly wrong (I am super paranoid all the time now, so of course my first thought was that Daisy was seizing or something like that) and I look at Daisy on our bed. She was just kicking her feet, looking around and being altogether cute. I asked Jordan what the problem was, and he replied with: "Look at me!" So I give Jordan a once over and then I really start to see what the problem was. Poop. Everywhere. There was a spray pattern all across his shirt-up into his beard!-across the wall, all over the bedside lamp....it was everywhere. Now, I should have rushed to his aid right then, but first I called my mom down so she could take pictures...poor guy.

I just remembered that story the other day and had to share it.

Daisy is starting to get a more normal schedule. We are still working on naps though. She is supposed to be asleep right now-I just fed her, got her to sleep, and placed her gently in her crib. The baby monitor is right next to me, and it sounds like Daisy has just woken up and is cooing and sneezing and making adorable sounds. I know I shouldn't go in and see if she will fall back asleep on her own...but I don't know how long I'll last. She is pretty great to cuddle with.

My mom and I have started to do craft fairs. We have only done one, but I got enough to get an iphone, so we are optimistic. We are applying for another one this month. My mom makes these beautiful quilts, and I think for this next one I might make a coordinating set of crib bedding. I made Daisy's, and I think it would be fun to make some to match her quilts.

We have an etsy shop, but I won't even post the link yet-we haven't uploaded any pictures of our products yet. But when we do, I will. My older sister is apart of this too, she also makes great quilts. Here is one she recently made for my grandma:

This weekend Daisy and I are going to join Jordan in New Orleans. I am real excited. Jordan has to travel a lot for his job. It isn't nearly as bad as families in the military, but it still can be a downer. But! I get to spend my birthday with my husband and my baby in a city I've never been to.

K, Daisy is refusing to go to sleep. I guess if she just insists I can watch LOTR and cuddle with her. AGAIN. What a needy girl ;)


  1. Hello. I love this post! I can just imagine the terror and laughter during the whole poop situation! Kevin has never changed a diaper before so u ca just imagine how thrilled I am to be witnessing that soon! I am so so jealous of your etsy shop! That is amazing. Get some pics up soon and let me be a customer!! Also I want any ideas you have (especially for making the bedding) we find out what we r having in two weeks and I am some reason the most anxious to get the crib together! Anyways Love that you are blogging again and love all the stories. Xoxo

  2. how do you get into craft fairs? I'd love to do that (then I could buy fabric and sew without any guilt because I wouldn't be keeping everything--assuming I could squeeze it in while feebling attempting normal chores and baby).

    Oh, and you're lucky. Zoey doesn't poop on Cary... just me :)

  3. SERIOUSLY THOUGH post all your etsy things. Also all your stories on your blog. I miss you all the time.

  4. Dude, poop. Everywhere.

    Also, we really do make awesome stuff.